frequently asked questions

Q: "kind sir, could you please tell me a bit about the shipping charges on this website?"

A: Sure thing. There is a shipping calculator built into the store that will add the proper shipping charges to your order. If you are ordering from outside of the US, please choose the International option upon checkout. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, unless it is a gift and you need it fast, in which case please contact me after you checkout so I am aware of it’s needed arrival date. POster and Print orders are shipped Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.

Q: "nate, your posters and art prints are not only incredibly awesome to look at, but they are masterfully printed. who does your printing?"

A: Most everything on the site is masterfully screen printed by my pals over at The Head Light Hotel, in sunny Providence, Rhode Island.

Q: "whoa, look at that art print! and those tee shirts! I bet we could make some money selling those to people, I wonder if we can buy a bunch?"

A: Um, I can hear you two talking. Not to be nosey, but you can buy these things wholesale. Don’t be afraid to ask. And please, stop whispering, its kind of creepy.

Q: "DO you have any other shipping or store policies I should know about?"

A: I do! You can read them here.